APCS Member Schools / Colleges

Active Health Institute
Address: 6520 West Flagler Street
City/State: Miami, Fla. 33144
Phone: 305–648–3293
Website: www.ahimiami.com
About Us:
The mission of Active Health Institute is to provide the skills training, affective and cognitive skills needed to succeed in careers, the alternative to traditional college education.

Active Health Institute is a school of nursing providing bilingual education and instilling passion for healthcare excellence in the hearts of our students. If you are a foreign nurse or medical professional, allow us to train you to recertify in the U.S.


American Advanced Technicians Institute
Address: 6801 West 20th Avenue
City/State: Hialeah, Fl 33014
Phone: 305-362-5519
Website: www.aationline.com/
About Us:
AATI is dedicated to the principle that vocational and technical education is directed to the needs of the individual, the community, and the nation’s industries. AATI’s educational aim is to train, guide, and help motivate its students to effectively make their way into a challenging and rewarding career. In addition to helping them acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills, the Institute also places great emphasis on the student’s personal development.


American Medical Academy
Address: 12215 SW 112 Street
City/State: Miami, Fl 33186
Phone: 305-271-6555
Website: www.ama.edu
About Us:
American Medical Academy started as en EMS focused (Emergency Medical Services Accelerated Program) Institution in 2016 and was accredited by ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools). In 2007 the AMA became an Official American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center and National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)


Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM)
Address: 100 East Broward Blvd., Suite # 100
City/State: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33301
Phone: 954–763–9840
Fax: 954–763–9844
Website: www.atom.edu
About Us:
The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) is a nationally accredited, non – profit educational corp. ATOM is licensed under the laws of the State of Florida and now operates exclusively as a professional, private and independent college offering academic programs and degrees in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Oriental Medicine. ATOM is accredited by ACAOM. ATOM is also approved by the California Board of Acupuncture. ATOM offers courses in Acupuncture, Biomedical Science, Clinical Practicum, and Herbal Therapy. The Mission of this School is to provide students with a program that prepares them to become qualified Independent practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) / Oriental Medicine. ATOM students will be trained to the highest standards professionalism and ethics for the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the United States.


Celebrity School of Beauty
8478 SW 8th Street.
City/State: Miami, Fl 33144
Phone: 305-267-7277
Website: www.celebrity.edu
About Us:
Celebrity School of Beauty offers quality education in the field of beauty Arts and Sciences through a planned curriculum and adequate instructors, in a learning environment that acts as an occupational model. Here we will not just teach you a career, but we will make every possible endeavor to make you the best in your field.


CENSA International College - Miami Campus CENSA International College – Miami Campus
4481 NW 167th St.
City/State: Miami Gardens, FL 33055
Phone: 305–817-8800
Fax: 305–817-8805
School Director: Dr. Yezid Arango
E-mail: info@censacollege.com
Website: www.censacollege.com
About Us:
Many students choose CENSA because its foundation is based on providing accessible education to students of diverse cultural and social background. In addition, CENSA’s international experience provides the students with the security and confidence of being involved is a competitive and reliable Institution.


College of Business & Technology
8991 SW 107th Avenue
City/State: Miami, Fl 33176
Phone: 1-888-690-2781
Website: www.cbt.edu/
About Us:
CBT College is a higher education & career education institution based in the city of Kendall, Florida and operating four more campuses in Greater Miami (Flagler Street area), Hialeah, West Kendall, and Cutler Bay areas. Nationally accredited by A.C.I.C.S., licensed by the Commission of Independent Education and certified by the U.S. Department of Education, CBT College seeks to provide affordable career training with a focus on technology & sciences to its community.


Compu-Med Vocational Career
2900 West 12th Avenue 3rd Floor, Suite # 28
City/State: Hialeah, Fl 33012
Phone: 305-888-9200
Website: www.compumedschool.com/
About Us:
Compu-Med Vocational Careers, Corp. is dedicated to providing relevant education and vocational
training that will enable our graduates to take advantage of career opportunities within our specialties,
and to acquire entry level positions upon graduation. The School provides a comfortable and pleasing
environment which is reflective through positive student surveys. The result is always positive. We
constantly try to improve by giving the student the most sound learning techniques guided by
professionals who make teaching their vocation.


FCC Florida Career College
3750 West 18 Avenue,
City/State: Hialeah, Fla. 33012
Phone: 786 – 534 – 0941
Contact Person: Mr. Jim York, Exec. Director
E-mail: yorkj@ieccolleges.com
Website: www.floridacareercollege.com/
About Us:
Get on the path to a new career with Florida Career College! Here you can train for a new career in healthcare, nursing, cosmetology, information technology, or HVAC. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Our experienced career service specialists will help you with your job search by connecting you with employers and by helping improve your resume and interview skills! Every member of our caring staff is dedicated to helping you succeed! Florida Career College has created programs specifically designed to meet today’s demands, and with the hands-on training you get from experienced instructors, you get an education that employers value. FCC is, “The College That Cares . . . “ FCC is Nationally Accredited by The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools ( A. C. I. C. S. ).


Florida National University –
Main Campus / Hiealeah
4425 West 20 Avenue
City/State: Hialeah, Fla. 33012
Phone: 305–821–3333
Fax: 305–362–0595
Website: www.fnu.edu
About Us:
The purpose of Florida National University (FNU) is to contribute to the education of a population of diverse, presently predominantly Hispanic, cultures. The University realizes this mission through the employment and development of a faculty of scholars who are proficient in the art of teaching. F.N.U. strives to prepare the students for employment in their chosen careers through the acquisition of the required skills and knowledge needed for the successful completion of the programs. F.N.U. has the following campuses: Hialeah, South Campus (Kendall), Training Center (Hialeah), and On – line Learning.


Florida Professional Institute
7951 SW 40 Street Suite #217
City/State: Miami, Fl 33155
Phone: 305–264–4311
Website: www.floridaprofessionalinstitute.com/
About Us:
Florida Professional Institute is a massage therapy school that delivers a high quality of health and wellness education. Florida Professional Institute’s vision is to create a high standard of excellence in massage therapy education by establishing a benchmark of quality in training, techniques, standards and practices for the profession. Our program will help the student achieve goals to enter the labor market and build a new life.


Florida Vocational Institute Florida Vocational Institute
7757 West Flagler Street Suite# 220
Mall of the Americas
City/State: Miami, Fla. 33144
Phone: 305 – 665 – 1911
Gen. School E-mail:info@fvi.edu
Website: www.fvi.edu
About Us:
Florida Vocational Institute’s mission is to train students to become entry level professionals in high demand careers. We aim to improve employability and inspire life long career growth, thereby improving the life quality of individuals in our community. Florida Vocational Institute is nationally accredited and offers its students a modern, completely air conditioned, well-lighted plaza facility, providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and containing teaching aids and audio/visual equipment. F.V.I. offer programs in the areas of: Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide, Electrocardiography, Phlebotomy, Patient Care Technician, and Medical Assistant.


Genesis Vocational Institute
12861 SW 42nd Street
City/State: Miami, Fl 33175
Phone: 305-223-0506
Website: www.genesisvocationalinstitute.com
About Us:
Career training is a road that leads to challenges and roles that force us to take personal leaps and bounds we may never have encountered otherwise. We are honored that you have considered Genesis Vocational Institute as an instrument of your journey. It is our desire to help you reach your goals for a new future that can be filled with professional satisfaction and numerous rewards.


Healing Hands Institute Healing Hands Institute
2141 SW 1 Street, Suite # 201
City/State: Miami, FL 33135
Phone: 786-401-6270
Fax: 786-401-6294
Contact: Ms. Beatriz Muse, Director
E-mail hhimiami@gmail.com
Website: http://www.healinghandsinstitute.net/
About Us:
It is the goal of H.H.I. to provide student services to encourage individuals to acquire knowledge and skills to be productive members of society, to develop their healing arts, and to strive for personal excellence. Our Institute is committed to reviewing this purpose at its annual meeting to determine what additional training programs and student services are needed to meet the demands of the community.


Hollywood Career Institute Hollywood Career Institute
1617 South 21 Avenue
City/State: Hollywood, Fla. 33020
Phone: 954–866–3220
Fax: 954–866–3230
Contact: Ms. Amy Valdes, Director
E-mail hollywoodcareerinstitute@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hollywoodcareerinstitute.com/
About Us:
Hollywood Career Institute (H.C.I.) is your perfect choice as you pursue a career in the medical industry. H.C.I. has been helping individuals achieve their goals and to be highly-competent in the growing medical field. H.C.I. fully understands that due to the growth of the medical field, the industry will need healthcare professionals that can meet the needed skills and qualifications specified by most hospitals and other healthcare institutions. As the medical grows and improves, we also enhance our training Methodologies and approach, in order for us to achieve excellence in the medical training industry.


Humboldt International University Humboldt International University
4000 West Flagler Street, 5th Floor Suite
City/State: Miami, Fl 33134
Phone: 305 – 448 – 7454
Fax: 305 – 476 – 8430
Contact Person: Ms. Teresa De Leon, Exec. Director
Contact E-mail: tdeleon@hiuniversity.com
Website: www.hiuniversity.com
About Us:
The mission of Humboldt International University is to offer quality services in suitable virtual environments in order to meet the learning needs of students through the development and implementation of appropriate technologies. We encourage and support innovation and creativity, utilizing technology as the backbone of our content delivery.


Inter Miami-Dade Institute Vocational
Inter Miami-Dade Institute Vocational
6489 SW 8 Street
City/State: Miami, Fla. 33144
Phone: 305 – 433 – 4735
Contact Person: Mrs. A. Alcuria, Director
Website: Under Construction
About Us:
Inter Miami – Dade Institute Vocational training school offers a variety of medical training, in programs in the areas of: Hemodialysis Technician, Message Therapy Technician, CNA, Home Health Aide, and Phlebotomy Technician. Also, classes in First Aid, C.P.R., Domestic Violence Awareness, O.S.H.A. Biohazard, and Infection Control. Call us today for more information.


Key College Key College
225 E. Dania Beach Blvd., Suite # 120
City/State: Dania Beach, Fl 33004
Phone: 954–923–4440
Fax: 954–923–9226
Website: www.keycollege.edu
About Us:
Welcome to Key College in Dania Beach, Florida. We invite you to research our fine institution and our programs of study. You will find our commitment to our Students to be our highest priority. Our faculty is Award Winning for their efforts in preparing our Graduates in their respective careers. Our mission is to provide career oriented, post-secondary programs of study in selected disciplines consistent with most current needs of business, industry and new entrants into the labor force.


Med Academy(f/k/a, Medical Imaging Academy)
3420 West 84 Street Suite #106
City/State: Hialeah, Fl 33018
Phone: 786–271–0987
Website: www.medacad.net
About Us:
Med Academy (formally known as, Medical Imaging Academy) is a facility that provides the highest educational level to all the students that decide to build their careers in the Field of Diagnostic Imaging. The demand for excellent Imaging Technologist is continuing to increase throughout the State of Florida and the United States.


Millennia Atlantic University Millennia Atlantic University

3801 NW 97 Avenue
Suite#: 100
City/State: Doral, Fla. 33178
Phone: 786 – 331 – 1000
Fax: 305 – 597 – 9507
Website: www.maufl.edu
About Us:
Millennia Atlantic University has an average of 12 students per class* ensuring individual attention from dedicated faculty and staff. We strive to inspire and develop your potential. Our team created a university especially for students and professionals from South Florida and abroad.


MORE Tech Institute MORE Tech Institute
5352 West 16 Avenue
City/State: Hialeah, Fla. 33012
Phone: 305 – 231 – 2520
Fax: 305 – 556 – 1310
Website: www.moretechinstitute.com
About Us:
More Tech Institute is located in Hialeah, within the Miami-Dade County in the state of Florida. The facility is approximately 2,270 square feet within a modern building under air conditioning. Our facility houses three (3) large classrooms, three (3) administrative offices, one (1) medical laboratory, two (2) restrooms, one (1) reception are, and one (1) library. A large & easy to find parking area is supervised for the benefit of the student.


National Medical Institute ( N. M. I. )
4160 West 16 Avenue, Suite # 210
City/State: Hialeah, Fla. 33012
Contact Person: Ms. Yanepsy Santos, Director
Phone: 305 – 640 – 5435
Contact E-mail: admissions@nationalmedicalinstitute.net
Website: www.nationalmedicalinstitute.net
About Us:
The mission of National Medical Institute is to successfully prepare our graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for career opportunities through short-term curricula and to continuously develop and encourage students to appreciate the pursuit of life-long learning.


New Professions Technical Institute
4000 West Flagler Street
City/State: Miami, Fl 33134
Phone: 305-461-2223
Website: www.npti.edu/
About Us:
New Professions Technical Institute recognizes education as the key to success. Accordingly, our commitment is to provide students with the education to meet the training demanded by our growing community


Saber College Saber College

3990 West Flagler Street
City/State: Miami, Fla. 33134
Phone: 305 – 443 – 9170
Fax: 305 – 774 – 0164
Website: www.sabercollege.edu
About Us:
SABER College identifies as its primary responsibility the preparation of individuals to become productive members of this society by helping them in their growth to attain educational goals and their development of ethical responsibilities


Sistema Unversitario – Ana G. Mendez
University System
Address: 3520 Enterprise Way,
Miramar Park of Commerce
City/State: Miramar, Fl. 33025
Phone: 954–885–5595
Website: www.suagm.edu/florida
About Us:
We, at A.G.M.U.S., aim to be leaders in accelerated bilingual education for adults at the local and international levels. We will be recognized for excellence and relevance in academic programs, integrated services, the application of emerging technology and strengthening high-level skills that allow the student to be effective in the globalized world of work; becoming apprentices for life. Students will participate in a unique and different, as oppose to traditional – teaching methods, where professional experience is incorporated into the classroom to create an interactive dynamic environment that is a challenging and educational process. Faculty with professional experience, especially prepared to serve as adult educational facilitators, serves in an innovative way.


Universal Career School
10760 West Flagler Street, Suite # 5
City/State: Sweetwater, Fla. 33174
Phone: 305 – 485 – 7700
Fax: 305 – 485 – 8515
Website: www.ucs.edu
About Us:
Universal Career School is 100% owned by Universal Beauty School, Inc. a Florida Corporation registered with the Department of State, Division of Corporations, and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Tallahassee, Florida, engaging in Post-Secondary Vocational Education. The mission and purpose of Universal Career School is to provide quality education and skills in the fields of Cosmetology, Skin Care, Nail Technology, Nursing, and many more, through a well-planned curriculum and experienced instructors. Our institution’s main goal is to offer career-minded individual with the skills they will need to find employment and enrich their quality of life


URBE University
2550 NW 102 Avenue
City/State: Doral, Fla. 33172
Phone: 786 – 763 – 4249
Website: www.urbe.university/
About Us:
We were created with the goal to form competent professional, individuals that are responsible, innovative, and able to transmit relevant knowledge and interact in changing times successfully. Our programs have been developed to meet the needs of the students, but remain sensitive to the needs of the business and professional community. We strive to produce graduates with the skills required in today’s workforce

Our methods of teaching are based entirely on distance learning via online, but we also have some physical facilities to support students in their learning process. The online resources are available to our learners and can be downloaded from our platform. We also have available to all our students access to digital tools from which they can access virtual libraries for consultation of books and scientific publications from anywhere in the world.


YECHANLAZ Instituto Vocacional YECHANLAZ Instituto Vocacional
(Yechanlaz Vocational Institute)
6617 SW 8 Street
City/State: Miami, Fla. 33144
Phone: 305 – 264 – 4972
Website: www.yechanlaz-instituto.com
About Us:
YECHANLAZ INSTITUTO VOCACIONAL, was established in December of 1994, to provide training and education for students with the objective of helping them to obtain the training necessary to have employable professional skills for technical/medical careers. We provide education with the aim of training, guiding, motivating and challenging students for rewarding careers.


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